Layer Houses – Increasing egg production

Prime specializes in all manner of layer houses, be they open-sided or environmentally controlled. Our designs aim to optimize the ease of management, general health and production capacity of your layer flocks.

Open-sided layers, consisting of masonry walls and welded mesh openings covered with curtains have been used extensively and are still being built with great success. Full and semi environmentally controlled units utilizing either masonry or insulated panels are becoming more popular – the use of insulated panel layer units has seen a large increase in recent years (see Panel Houses).

Layer Houses utilising modern construction methods and technologies lead to better egg production

We design our structures with our clients’ goals in mind, and support our clients from design through to the commissioning of structures. Our structural design is in accordance with SABS1200 and all plans, drawings and foundations have been designed and checked by our engineer. Our steel design is in accordance with WA300 standards. All our material is SABS approved.