Broiler Houses – environmentally controlled success

Most modern high-production broiler units make use of fully environmentally controlled houses, that create a safe, clean and efficient area that is easy to manage. Prime builds broiler units using either panels or brick/block construction.

The energy savings and excellent FCR rates reported from these broiler houses make them a lucrative investment for the serious farmer. Minimal structural maintenance is required.
Good planning and a knowledgeable construction company are the key to effective broiler farms

Prime has constructed Broiler Houses across much of Southern Africa, and works closely with all reputable equipment suppliers. We liaise closely with the client and all parties involved, ensuring customized designs that yield high profits for our clients.

Our structural design is in accordance with SABS1200 and all plans, drawings and foundations have been designed and checked by our engineer. Our steel design is in accordance with WA300 standards. All our material is SABS approved.