Exporters of steel structures, poultry and piggery houses

Prime has supplied custom manufactured steel structures to the poultry, piggery, industrial, agricultural and commercial sectors across Africa and further abroad. All materials are sourced locally in South Africa and pre-manufactured at our Johannesburg factory, where it is packed into containers for shipment.

Prime has extensive experience in exporting its products, with a thorough knowledge of the requirements for exporting throughout Africa and the Middle East.

Our structural designs are in accordance with SABS1200 and all plans, drawings and foundations have been designed and checked by our engineers. Our steel design is in accordance with WA300 standards. All our materials are SABS approved.
Exporting steel structures across Africa – and further abroad

Where possible Prime can assist with construction teams, or can provide experienced foremen to train your workforce on-site, ensuring local employment opportunities while maintaining a high-quality end product.