We are pioneers in Panel Houses

Prime is one of the pioneering companies to design and implement the use of Insulated Panels in the construction of Poultry Houses. Our new-age panel houses are the culmination of more than a quarter century of experience and dedication toward the poultry industry.
These houses consist of a basic steel frame including roof and floor. The use of masonry as finishing is eliminated and replaced by lighter, more durable Panels. The use of Panels create a flawless, clean and attractive finish.

•    The Panels consist of 0.5mm Chromadek (different colour finishes) inside and outside laminated over a solid polystyrene core. The Panels are set atop a concrete or masonry dwarf wall and fit snugly past the steel columns.

•    The concrete floors are powerfloat finished, creating an absolutely smooth surface, with sealed expansion joints.

•    The eaves are sealed using our own patented Eave Plugs.

This coupled with our smooth ABS-ceilings (also laminated to Polystyrene) creates a flawless environment that is easy to clean and maintain, and affords no room for bacteria to settle.

Closed environment restricts disease

These houses create a closed environment that restricts disease and promotes controlled management throughout the inside environment. The insulation achieved from these designs is unmatched and dramatically reduces the costs of heating. Coupled with good stock chicks and good feeds, the results yielded from these houses are unrivalled!

Since Prime built the first of these houses, we have developed numerous other broiler and layer houses all over South Africa using Panels, and recently developed piggery units utilizing the benefits of panel houses. Most poultry and piggery farmers are becoming aware of the advantages of Panel houses and are moving into the next generation of productive farming.