Rearing and Breeder facilities – a strong start guarantees a strong finish

Rearing and Breeder houses are specialized agricultural buildings that carry expensive poultry flocks and require highly effective environmental and bio-security control. Prime has constructed large Rearing and Breeder farms across the country, and understand the need for top performing poultry structures.

Whether masonry or insulated panel buildings, Prime delivers exceptional quality Rearing and Breeder houses, ensuring air-tight houses with effective black-out ventilation areas.

Environmentally controlled Rearing and Breeder houses require a specialist approach
Prime can customize your buildings to suit your management approach while supporting your preferred equipment installation.

Our structural design is in accordance with SABS1200 and all plans, drawings and foundations have been designed and checked by our engineer. Our steel design is in accordance with WA300 standards. All our material is SABS approved.