Comprehensive service – civil, structural work to roofing and cladding

Prime Contractors offers the client a comprehensive service from civil and structural work to roofing and cladding.  Contracts are under taken throughout South Africa and its neighbouring states.

All structural steel is prefabricated in house by our well-trained work force. If it is required that the structural components be galvanised, it is out sourced to reputable galvanising firms.

Our roofing teams have extensive experience with various insulation systems, especially “over purlin” type insulation panels.

Large areas of high quality power floated concrete floors are done (75mm – 250mm thick, laid to falls and cross falls) with construction, expansion and saw cut joints. Floors can be sealed with various specified sealants as well.

Turnkey building projects – factories, warehousing, industrial and poultry buildings

Successfully completed turnkey projects from 500sqm to 25,000sqm, ranging from Factories, warehousing, industrial buildings to poultry projects.

When required, before we commence with construction, our professional engineer can visit the site to ensure that you as the client get sound advice, whether it is structurally related or the integrity of the building site is in question. This forms part of our service to the client and is fully included in our quotations. On request all drafting of plans can be done on the client’s behalf

Before any building commences we will thoroughly inspect the terraces on site to ensure that both the levels and the ground compaction is adequate. This inspection will ensure that, we as the contractors and you as the client do not encounter problems later on.

We offer an excellent after care on any latent defects and are some of very few companies that exercise this. It is telling when you see that many of our clients have been making use of our services, since Prime Contractors was established 20 years ago.